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Video In Demand at the Wall Street Journal

Over at the Nieman Lab web site, Adrienne LaFrance has the story about how the Wall Street Journal needs to produce more videos to satisfy advertiser demands.


Think about that – the Wall Street Journal, which 20 years ago didn’t even run photographs, has more demand for video advertising space than it can handle and is launching new products to fulfill that demand.


It has me thinking back to a few years ago when a technology leader for a chain of newspapers told me they were backing off of video training because they were seeing no return on the investment and saw no future in online video … for the record, that company has been into bankruptcy court since then and many observers are predicting a second trip in the next few months.


Video Storytelling Workshop, Online

The National Press Photographers Association is hosting an online workshop on video storytelling called Lighting, Writing and Surviving on Oct. 15.

From the site:

Join an all-star faculty on October 15, 2011 for an exciting day of presentations. Best of all, you don’t have to leave home to participate.

Available On Line if you’re busy the 15th, all presentations are video taped and will be available for review, whenever you chose.

Learn from the video examples of award-winning professionals as they demonstrate their storytelling process.

Go-to-tricks revealed for writing under the gun, shooting natural sound stories, reporting solo and shooting your own standups, and lighting under pressure.

Runs all day and is being done in conjunction with the Poynter Institute. Put on your most comfortable slippers and drag that laptop to the couch – $65 gets you access to some brilliant storytellers. That’s is you’re not a member – NPPAers get in for $55, student member admission is just $30.

Cheap Studio Lighting for Video

Cool little video from SLRlounge on building a cheap lighting kit for studio use.

(Thanks to Lawton Howell for the lede.)

Remember, It’s Not the Gear …

Chuck Fadely linked to this on Facebook. A strong word or two, so be careful where you are when you click play … but the message is right on.

An open letter to Canon from safetyhammer on Vimeo.

MSCNE Presentation on Video Journalism

I spent all day Wednesday teaching a Multimedia Immersion workshop as part of the Management Seminar for College News Editors. A pair of two-hour long sessions on shooting video in the morning, a mock-disaster exercise in the afternoon where the 60+ editors from across the country divided into eight teams to cover a simulated crash and then an evening of critiquing their writing, photography, videography and online design skills.

I’m a little tired today.

The kids asked for the presentation, so I’m making a PDF of it available. The three videos I showed should be hot linked from the document, but if not you can copy and paste them into a browser. If you weren’t there, it probably won’t make much sense, I’m afraid. Ask questions if you like.

I Don’t Think Editors Like FCPX

I’m … I’m just getting this sense … that maybe, maybe … they think Apple has turned against them?

RABERCO: The Destruction of Final Cut Studio from Raber Umphenour on Vimeo.

Of course, it could be that Apple promised to get Final Cut Pro X out by a certain date and shipped it missing a few things to hit that date. Because, if they missed, the stockholders would be mad and the Apple-haters would come crashing in screaming about how Apple is Dead. (That’s the cover story from June 1997 when Wired wrote about 101 Ways to Save Apple.)

While it seems like FCPX in its current iteration is a big move away from what the professionals need, it’s also possible that Apple knows no professional is ever going to make a wholesale switch to what is, in essence, a brand new software program as soon as it is released. Pros are going to wait, they’re going to test and then they’re going to make a decision. And, by then, my guess is FCPX will have had a few incremental upgrades that get back some of the features pros need.

So maybe we all just need to take a deep breath … and maybe hold it until Apple promises to keep supporting FCP 7 for a while.

Installing Final Cut Pro X

Getting the occasional question on this … with Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X, a lot of folks have been picking up the $300 program. Those with an older install may run into some issues if they try and run both on the same drive, so Apple has posted a guide on how to partition a drive to keep FCP X and other FCP installations from causing problems with each other.

Final Cut for the Masses?

There has been a lot of debate on the net since Apple did a sneak peek of the next generation of their pro-level non-linear editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Now, it’s in the wild and, while the debate is still ongoing, there’s one thing that’s a winner – the price.

Final Cut Pro X is $300. You can add Motion and Compressor for another $50 each. It’s a stunning price drop.

Will X fly with pro editors? Still to be determined. There’s a lot of criticism based solely on the demo done in the spring. Keep an eye out for reviews in the next few weeks as high-end editors dig deep into this totally new version.

Next Version of Final Cut Pro Demo’d

This exploded in my Twitter stream last night … Apple did a demonstration session for the next version of Final Cut Pro at the NAB SuperMeet in Las Vegas, Nev. Lots of interesting stuff and Larry Jordan has a good summation of them on his blog today.


– Available in June in the App store for $299
– Full 64-bit support
– Background video rendering
– Better audio controls (some lifted out of Soundtrack Pro)

Of course, we just rev’d my lab last summer, not sure I can eek out more money for another update. And no word on whether the Studio package will continue or if everything is going to be split out.

Do want to play with it, though …

News Story Shot on an iPad 2

It contains no edits, just a one shot deal, but reporter Mike McNeill with the Beaumont, Texas, Fox affiliate did a standup and interview on his iPad 2, which may be the first broadcast news piece done on the recent released tablet.

(And, no, I don’t have one yet.)