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Sound As Transport

This is a bit commercial, but the Music Bed has done a piece for RODE microphones on Passion for Sound.

Passion For Sound from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Will Yurman for the link.)

Casey, Crime Photographer Radio Show

Don’t you love it when you learn something completely old? Did you know the Columbia Broadcasting System had a radio show in the 1940s about a crime photographer?

Me either.

A link popped up on Twitter (but now I can’t remember who it sent it out), and I did some searching to see if there were downloadable files. And there are – I’m dumping them into iTunes for my next long drive. Looks like there’s about 77 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

Now, where can I drive that will take me 38.5 hours …

Reporting on the Radio with an iPhone – Only

110404 mediashift logoOver on Mediashift, Neal Augenstein has a write-up of his year working with just an iPhone. He’s a reporter for WTOP in Washington, D.C., and has been recording all of his audio on it, as well as editing it, for broadcast.

He’s listed the software and workflows for how he handles photos, video and live broadcasts, too – good info to tuck away.

His final assessment after a year? He’s at 92% of the quality he was with the full size gear he used to haul around. No word on whether his listeners have noticed.

Audio Editor Option

Mindy McAdams, the Flash Goddess, had a tweet up about this Transom review of the Hindenburg audio editor. May be worth looking at as an alternative to Audacity, our standard tool here.

Anyone played with it? Thoughts? Comments? Someone going to try it?

On Backpack Journalism (podcast)

Continuing with the conversations we had during our March photojournalism workshop, this one on “backpack journalism,” also known as “mojos” for mobile journalists. Most refer to it as “one man bands.” We hear from Walt Stricklin, Director of Photography at the Birmingham News, Jon Samuels, staff photojournlaist at WXIA in Atlanta, John Curry, Visuals Director at the Augusta Chronicle, Minla Shields, the former Senior Editor for Planning at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and joining in later, Dave Labelle, author and former photojournalism professor.


6×6 – 36 Tips to Make You a Better Multimedia Storyteller

Stolen, quite simply, from Richard Koci Hernadez’s Multimedia Shooter siteAdam Westbrook gives you six tips in six areas that will help improve your skills and your stories. The video section sums up what I try to teach so nicely I may not need to teach it anymore.

Reporter's Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

Okay, I admit I haven’t read this as a whole, but I read all of the pieces as Mindy McAdams, Flash Goddess, posted them over the last year or so. She’s now compiled a 42 page PDF of her advice on stepping up your online journalism game. Given the thoroughness and inventiveness of her past work, this is a Must Read.

And it’s FREE. Yes, all that knowledge, FOR FREE. Because she cares about journalism, that’s why.

WeeGee and Cartier-Bresson speak!

This is excellent – an out of print LP of photographers talking, and Ted Barron has made a pair of them available as mp3 files. And they are good ones – WeeGee, the infamous crime photographer, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. (Thanks to The Online Photographer for the link.)

NY Times Audio Slide Show on Layoffs

Nicole Bengiveno of the New York Times takes a look at the person who has to make the layoff decisions and notifications. While the shooting is clean, it’s the interview that gets to you. It has no natural sounds, but it works – solemn, serious. 

Juggling on Assignment

Adam Westbrook, a reporter for a British radio station, talks about balancing the needs of audio, stills and video while on assignment. (Thanks to Koci at Multimedia Shooter for the link.)