I Don’t Think Editors Like FCPX

I’m … I’m just getting this sense … that maybe, maybe … they think Apple has turned against them?

RABERCO: The Destruction of Final Cut Studio from Raber Umphenour on Vimeo.

Of course, it could be that Apple promised to get Final Cut Pro X out by a certain date and shipped it missing a few things to hit that date. Because, if they missed, the stockholders would be mad and the Apple-haters would come crashing in screaming about how Apple is Dead. (That’s the cover story from June 1997 when Wired wrote about 101 Ways to Save Apple.)

While it seems like FCPX in its current iteration is a big move away from what the professionals need, it’s also possible that Apple knows no professional is ever going to make a wholesale switch to what is, in essence, a brand new software program as soon as it is released. Pros are going to wait, they’re going to test and then they’re going to make a decision. And, by then, my guess is FCPX will have had a few incremental upgrades that get back some of the features pros need.

So maybe we all just need to take a deep breath … and maybe hold it until Apple promises to keep supporting FCP 7 for a while.

Mark E. Johnson

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