The Things We Do for Pictures

Every photojournalist has a bunch of stories to tell. You can’t work in this business for more than a week or two before you start collecting them. Of course, some stories are better than others … and there are Joe McNally’s, which are, mostly, insane … and usually about getting your camera (or your light) in just the right place.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. OK so Joe is a little bit crazy, as are many great photographers. Awesome video, almost makes me dizzy to watch!

    My comment about the topic of “the things we do for pictures”, not related to Joe at all, is this:
    Students, judge each photo on its merit, not on how hard it was to shoot. I’ve seen photographers fall in love with a mediocre image because it was difficult to shoot. Viewers won’t know and don’t care about the back story. As Joe said, sometimes the most elaborate plans don’t work so you just let them go
    …. but do collect those stories as they are great for retelling, among yourselves, in the lab or over beer.

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