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Piano Requiem

” target=”_blank”>The New York Times’ Jamie Williams has produced a video on O’Mara Meehan Piano Movers that’s worth a look.

I suppose I like pianos as much as the next guy (always wanted to learn to play, never have), but this is a nice use of video – watching pianos get tossed off a truck and then torn up is pretty dramatic.

And check out the shot at 1:07 – that has to be a first for a GoPro camera …

Videographer Shot by Oakland Police

The video below is pretty shocking. Scott Campbell was recording Oakland (California) police officers who were at the Occupy Wall Street protests when … well … watch the video:

The Huffington Post has the story, along with a link to an interview Campbell did with Keith Olbermann. The Mercury News also has an interview with Campbell.

While Campbell was not acting as a journalist, this certainly raises a lot of questions.

Life In A Day Now Online

In July 2010, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott teamed up to ask people around the world to shoot videos of their day. Partnering with YouTube, the entire 90+ minute video is now online. From the 4,500 hours of video, from 192 countries, this is the story of July 24, 2010 – now available online at YouTube.

There’s a Difference Between TV Pundits and Robots, I’m Sure

But this isn’t helping me see what it is

The Creative Machine Lab at Cornell University decided to have two Cleverbots talk to each other. Very entertaining.

Remember, It’s Not the Gear …

Chuck Fadely linked to this on Facebook. A strong word or two, so be careful where you are when you click play … but the message is right on.

An open letter to Canon from safetyhammer on Vimeo.

Newspaper Nail Art

I’m going to get in trouble for this but, honestly … I think this is kind of cool.

(Thanks to PartyLikeAJournalist.com for the lede.)

Herding (Very Talented, Very Famous) Cats

That’s the only way to describe this footage (pixelage?) of Rene Burri shooting the group portrait at the Magnum Annual General Meeting.

Magnum Annual General Meeting 2011 from Magnum in Motion on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Greg Mironchuk for the link.)

Philadelphia Reporter and Photographer Attacked on Live Television

It’s a bizarre story that gets weirder on the evening news … reporter Chris O’Connell and photographer Dave Edwards were attacked while doing a live shot for Fox 29 outside of a house in Philadelphia. Both are okay.

Finding Vivian Maier Trailer

The buzz continues … and I want to see this.

Trailer: Finding Vivian Maier from John Maloof on Vimeo.

Digital Literacy

I have been hanging out down at the Poynter Institute for their Teachapalooza conference. Just finished up a talk about the Digital Literacy videos I created for our students last year … and I suspect a lot of folks are now trying to remember where they are … so, you can click here or hit the Resources tab up at the top of the page.

The videos are hosted on our podcasting server at UGA, so bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem. Some students will need to install the Quicktime plugin (especially if they’re on a Windows machine), so I’ll probably transcode to another format soon, but the link will stay the same.