Bad, Bad “Journalism”

I posted this to Facebook already, but it deserves more airing.

This is easily the worst interview I’ve ever seen conducted. Hands down – there’s no journalism being done here, this is an attack on author Professor Reza Aslan.

If you want to question his credentials and whether he is qualified to write a book titled Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, that’s fine. But to question his authority based upon his own personal faith?

That’s not okay. That’s dismissing a lifetime of work, of research, of achievement. That’s trying to reduce an issue to a form so simplistic as to be arbitrary and useless.

If you want to spin this out, think about this:

Are women the only journalists capable of covering women’s health issues? If so, shouldn’t only women participate in the legislative discussions about women’s health issues?

Mull on that Fox “News.”

(Yes, this is an unapologetically opinionated post. Every now and then I need to vent.)

Mark E. Johnson

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