Tumblr Shuts Down a Blog – for Copyright Violations

It warms my heart that Tumblr is taking copyright violations seriously and shutting down blogs with multiple violations.

The tone of this Dan Lyons piece on HupSpot, though, has me concerned – it almost becomes a defense of the violator.

Here’s the law: If I create something, I own it. You, no matter who you are, cannot use it unless I say so. A credit line doesn’t count, a link doesn’t count.

You need my explicit permission. Period, full stop.

Imagine I walk into my local camera shop, pick up an item from a shelf, then walk out the door with it. But I tell everyone where I got it. And, you know, they can get another one exactly like it.

What is that?

It’s theft.

Same thing with copyright – the store owner put their time and effort into acquiring that item just like I put my time and effort into creating my images.

You use it without my permission? That’s theft.

To whoever Bohemea is: You’re a common thief.

(Thanks to Mickey Osterreicher for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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