WHNPA Student Photographer of the Year Competition

WHNPA StudentPOY Poster2012Details are out on the White House News Photographers Association’s 2012 Student Photographer of the Year competition. Submissions can be made, online, through March 15 and there is a nominal fee of $26 (which can also be put towards your membership in the WHNPA).

From the rules:

Portfolio General Requirements
– Each student will submit a portfolio of a minimum of 15 images and a maximum of 25 images. Committee suggestion: A well rounded portfolio should include a selection of strong single images and at least one photo story of a compelling news topic.
– The work can be from any year as long as the entrant was enrolled as a student. Ergo: images from earlier than 2008 are acceptable as long as you were a student when you took them.
– Absolutely NO images may be from a winning portfolio from year’s past of this contest.
– Students may enter no more than 5 title slides to separate sections of his or her portfolio.
– Title slides may only contain the story or section’s name and no personal information at all.
– All photo stories should include a title slide. Please include a story description of no more than 25 words
in the caption IPTC/File Info meta data field only. Do not put it on the title slide.

In talking with the organizers, they said the number of entrants last year was fairly low. Why do you care? It increases your odds of winning. Get your portfolio together and get it entered.

Mark E. Johnson

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