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110916 blackStarOver at Black Star Rising, John Harrington took a look at some Labor Department data and then launched into a rant about photo programs that don’t teach business practices.

I use rant specifically – because, honestly, I wish he had gone a lot further than he did. It should be part of the accreditation process for all programs, I think. I have some in mine, but nowhere near enough.

So, what should be in a business program? A stand alone course or should better business practices be injected into all aspects of the program?

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. A stand alone business class covering all aspects of freelancing would be hugely beneficial.

    Clearly students don’t see the harm to the industry that they do by undercutting everyone else. Beer money is beer money when you’re in college. Not so in the real world.

    I know enough isn’t being done because I constantly see photos from your students and alums with USPW tacked on after their name. Students are being targeted because of their ignorance.

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