Forever Young Happy Meal Story Smells Funny

Most everyone has now seen the photos or a version of the never-molding Happy Meal story. It’s a funny story, a tragic story – an informative story, too – as photographer Sally Davies shot a McDonald’s Happy Meal over a six month period and saw almost no change in it.

Too bad CNN’s version is a badly faked story … if you watch around the 1:04 mark, reporter Jeanne Moos is seen asking a question on her telephone and then getting a response … via Skype.

I suppose it is possible she made a phone-to-Skype connection, but then why is he responding on a Skype-to-Skype call? Seems, um … fake. Why not just ask via Skype? Or edit/write around that? Why put such an obvious lie into your story?

Mark E. Johnson

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