One For the Kids

I know there’s a fairly large number of college students reading this (meaning, all of mine), so here’s a deal for you …, which has everything you really need to be happy, has a free shipping service called Prime. (You want a three pack of Spiderman toothbrushes? They have it. How about an external battery for your 2001-era Handspring Visor PDA? They have that, too.)

The deal is that with your .edu email address and the ability to prove you’re registered for classes, you can get Prime for free right now. It means you get regular shipping at no cost, with no minimum purchase, and expedited shipping for really cheap. (Prime is normally an $80 subscription item.)

Start planning to get your text books for fall now, along with all your school supplies, and save a bundle. (For those looking ahead, the Advanced Photojournalism text book by Ken Kobré is on there as well as the book we use for the Introduction to Photojournalism course.)

(Thanks to for the lede – a great place to find online deals.)

Mark E. Johnson

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