"Our Hidden Poor"

The Chicago Tribune has an audio slideshow by Kuni Takahashi looking at the hidden poor of Illinois. Nicely shot, the transition/text frames are well designed. Simple, elegant. Worth spending seven minutes with.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Holy cow. I am seriously in awe of how she managed to cover just about every type of poor person/aspect of poverty in under 7 minutes. Some amazing storytelling there. Or should I say amazing editing.

    And the images themselves are gorgeous.

    That all being said – IS EVERY POOR PERSON IN BLACK AND WHITE?!

    Yeah, the depth of field would be distracting in color. Yeah, the blown-out skies would be distracting in color. But I really wanted to see the colors inside that trailer, or the colors of the beads in that last guy’s hair or the glow of that crack pipe. .

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