Motion Graphics Talk – Wednesday Night

From David Hazinski in Broadcast, something to think about going to. Meaning, GO!!

Motion graphics workshop Wednesday night in the photo lab, room 130. Unless we get too many people, then we’ll probably move to the newsroom.

My classes had asked for ‘more’ on motion graphics, so I set this up… then invited Mark Wright. Mark has been the chief graphics designer for CNN. He now holds the same job at CNN International. Runs a crew of about a dozen folks I think who create all the graphics for them and is also responsible for creating the new, clean look they’ve had for about nine months. Mark says he’s also bring a UGA grad who works for him, but I don’t know who he or she is.

The original idea was to give students some “hands on” in creating simple screen grabs, backgrounds and “read on” full screens. It will also now morph to whatever Mark wants to explain and as much hands on as we can accomplish.

Mark E. Johnson

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