FREE PIZZA – And Pictures of Bugs

How can you pass up that combination? You can’t, you just can’t …

On Friday, November 2, Professor G. Keith Douce from the Department of Entomology on the Tifton campus, will be in the Photojournalism Lab at noon to talk about the Bugwood Network – an image archive of pests, plants and problems around the world. The photo archive is impressive – more than 60,000 images that can help you identify flora and fauna.

Prof. Douce will talk about where the photos come from, how they’re used, how you can contribute to the archive and how a publicly accessible archive of this size is managed.

This is open to everyone, student and non-student, but please let me know (through the comments below) if you’re coming so I can order enough food.


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  1. Tyler,

    I am coming Friday, I can be there around 12:10 after my class. I hope we have bug pizza…mmmmmm.

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