Henry Wessel video

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a show on Henry Wessel and KQED has produced a short film of him talking about his work. (“Short” may be relative – it’s just under eight minutes in length.) (You’ll need the RealAudio player, worth it because the quality here is really nice.)

Some of his work resonates with me, but some I may need to spend more time with. There’s a new(ish) book as well that I should probably pick up.

Why would I link you to a quasi-art/documentary photographer? He’s the quote:

In a still photograph you basically have two variables, where you stand and when you press the shutter. That’s all you have.

When asked how I teach photojournalism, I can talk at length about the mechanics and the techniques and aesthetics. But the two things I admit I haven’t learned how to teach yet are … where to stand and when to push the button. I’m not sure you can teach that, it may just be innate.

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