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Insomnia Photo Festival – Friday, April 27

Want a new MacBook Pro, 80 GB iPod and a copy of Aperture? Then plan on being wide awake for 24 hours starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 27, for Apple’s Insomnia Photo Festival. Register in advance and at 5 p.m. Apple will give out the info on what to shoot.

Pay close attention to the details on how to submit – sizing and what not are on the web site. All photos need to be shot in that 24 hour time span and processed on an Apple MacIntosh. (I’m sensing a Saturday afternoon gathering at the R&B …)

I’ve perused the terms and conditions – you are giving Apple the rights to use your photo and likeness, but only in connection with promoting the competition. Not a bad deal, IMHO.

Gmail Paper

Google has a beta program to print all of your Gmail correspondence and mail it to you. Attachments? Those, too – and if you’re emailing photos around, then you’ll get those printed on high quality paper.

Limited time offer, I suspect – just today.

Deal on National Geographic membership

National Geographic is running a membership/subscription special – $15 for a year of the yellow-boxed magazine. That’s, what, three cups of coffee? (I don’t know, I still don’t drink coffee. Working on that.) The magazine is still one of the preeminent photojournalism publications, and you get all kinds of cool maps, too.

Why haven’t you clicked over there yet?