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Infografing the 100 Meter

The New York Times has one of the most amazing infographics up I’ve ever seen comparing the speeds of more than 100 Olympic 100 meter races.

This? THIS IS WHY THE INTERNET ROCKS. There’s no way to do that on a printed page. Hats off to Kevin Quealy and Graham Roberts.

(And “infografing” is totally a word. Now.)

Need an Industry-Centric Romantic Laugh?

Then 10,000 Words over on Media Bistro has a page of journalism Valentine’s Day messages for you.

Clever Designs

It's for a food writer ... get it?

Second post linking to the other side of the pond today … I may need fish and chips for lunch …

Design Shack has a collection of 50 clever logo designs. I am in awe of people who come up with such things as I have tried and not had a tremendous amount of success with them over the years. Every time I end up behind a FedEx logo I feel a little twinge of jealousy – that arrow between the E and the X? Genius, pure genius. It says everything about the company in just five letters.

Olympic Pictograms

Steven Heller at the New York Times takes a neat look at the history of the Olympic event icons that have been used over the last century or so. Some are pretty weird, but some are pretty cool – and this is a great way to present them. It’s informative (as it should be) and visually interesting, creating a nice blend of technology and information.

The BBC Redesign

I have studied graphic design at several levels and am fascinated by excellent, executions of it. And am fully willing to admit that my abilities do not – yet – match my aspirations. So when I came across this explanation of how the BBC went through their redesign process for the web, I was entranced for a few moments.

I love the grid, I want to live in that grid. Even if it’s only so that I can step across it and mess it up from time to time.

Satellite Photo Comparisons from Haiti

The New York Times has a very cool and very informative page up that has before and after satellite photos from Haiti – moving a slider across the image reveals the pre and post earthquake images. Really neat use of technology to help tell the story.

Thanks to Meghan Pittman for pointing this out.

Best Movie Poster Designs of the Decade

This has nothing to do with visual journalism, but does relate to visual communication … so, here are the top 10 movie posters of the decade as selected by Adrian Curry on The Auteurs site. (I particularly like the I Am Trying to Break Your Heart poster, but maybe that’s because I want to see it more than the others.)

(Thanks to Khoi Vinh at Subtraction.com for the link.)

This May Be Why I Don’t Do Freelance Design Work

Every designer I know has been through this sort of thing, but have you ever wondered what would happen if stop signs were designed by a committee?

Time’s Top 10 Magazine Covers

Here they come – everyone’s got a top 10 list this time of the year. Time magazine has posted what they think are the top magazine covers of the year … and not one of them is their own. (Personally, I love the elegant simplicity of their number three choice. But I am a monochromatic kind of guy.)

Study Typography in Rome

I will fully admit to being in love with typography. There is no explaining it – a beautifully formed ligature or perfect kerning makes me happy. I’ve taken a few classes, but never worked in the field.

But, oh, how I wish I could go to Rome and study typography … time to talk to my boss about some, uh, additional training I need.