“Because of my photos, the entire world saw what was happening”

We have lost Peter Magubane, according to The New York Times.

For nearly half a century, he documented the effects of apartheid in South Africa, frequently being punished for sharing what everyone was seeing. His work was inspirational for many photojournalists around the world, his commitment to the work unparalleled.

Magubane also walked that delicate line between being an impartial observer and being part of the community he worked in:

Sometimes my colleagues wanted to know from me whether was it right for me to assist because my work is to photograph, and I said if my editor ever said to me I should not help — I should not give help when it is necessary — then my editor can go to hell.

From hiding his camera in a loaf of bread to sleeping in his publication’s office because it wasn’t safe to travel home at night, we may never see another like him.

Mark E. Johnson

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