Pictures From a Road Trip

I used to think Scott Strazzante’s Common Ground project, which was shot over 14 years, was a big investment.

Then I heard about Gunther Holtorf who, while not a photojournalist, used photography to document an epic road trip. How epic? Think about this: he visited 177 countries over 26 years using the same vehicle, which he put 550,000 miles on.

The BBC has put up a deeper story about him, as well. (I will admit I’m a little annoyed that the BBC flipped a video clip …)

How do you survive that much time on the road?

There are some people who, faced with 99 positive things and one negative, focus on the negative thing, he suggests. “I am the other way round. If there are 99 negative and one positive, I focus on the positive.”

Mark E. Johnson

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