White House Wedding

Over at The New York Times, Mark Lander has a story about the ongoing debate between the press and the White House over visual access to the president. The news hook for this story seems lad little weak – the president’s photographer, Pete Souza, was recently married in the Rose Garden.

Still, the limited access needs to be rectified.

“The core issue is the White House uses his images and disseminates them to the public, and they become the only historical document of events,” said J. David Ake, the assistant bureau chief for photos at The Associated Press.

To beat in a pun, there should never be a marriage of the press and the president, but there should be an ongoing relationship. The estrangement taking place in Washington right now, where only one side is getting their message out, is not healthy for our American family.

(Thanks to colleague Prof. Kent Middleton for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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