Journaling Your Destination

The University of Georgia has a neat program, started a few years ago, called the First Year Odyssey, made up of one-credit classes and every first year kid must take one. When they started, I tossed some ideas into the ring – the courses are designed by faculty to introduce students to their area of expertise.

None of my ideas were accepted … well, that’s not true – I wasn’t accepted, as they only wanted tenure or tenure-track faculty to teach these. (I’m over the bitterness. Mostly.*)

But, IF they ever came to their senses and said, hey, eight years of commitment to us, a program that produces some great kids who go on to do great things, maybe you should get to work with the great unwashed freshmen hoard … I’d want to do a class based on the journals of Dan Eldon, much like Michael Todd is doing according to this piece from NPR.

* Actually, not at all.

Mark E. Johnson

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