When Going Pro Means Shooting Less

The ever-erudite Michael Johnston over at The Online Photographer writes that the only thing he wants to do is work, but that he hasn’t really done that since he was a student.

He makes an excellent point – I probably shot a lot more when I was a student because it consumed me completely. There wasn’t an assignment from The Daily Orange that I ever turned down, I hunted features and stories when I didn’t have something specific to shoot. I worked.

Now, I teach and, while I still shoot, it’s nowhere near as much or as targeted as I used to. I see more now, but I tell fewer stories.

So, what do we spend most of our time on? If you’re an independent photographer, probably the business side of it. Which lets me remind you that the National Press Photographer Association’s Business Blitz is here in Athens this Saturday.

If you end up an academic, probably critiquing and committee meetings … I miss being a student.

Mark E. Johnson

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