Well, They Got Something Right …

When an Asiana Airlines jet crashed during landing in San Francisco earlier this month, it was major news for fairly obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, in an effort to be first (and not be RIGHT), KTVU aired the names of the four crew member son the cockpit as soon as it had “confirmed” them.

The “confirmation,” it turned out, came from an intern at the National Traffic Safety Board.

How bad was it? Well, they claimed the pilot’s name was Captain Sum Ting Wong.

And then it got worse.

Thankfully, they did the right thing – they fired at least three producers. Although the anchor who read the names did it completely straight and I have to wonder if they hold some culpability here, too.

As well as whoever typed up the graphic.

How on earth does no one in that process raise a red flag and say something?

Mark E. Johnson

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