How Kodak Invented the Digital Camera and Destroyed Itself

Okay, maybe the digital camera didn’t destroy Kodak, but it certainly played a huge role in the unravelling of the company over the last decade or so. In this Influencers and Innovation video, Steve Sasson talks about how he turned a charge-coupled device and a tape deck into the first digital camera.

Petapixel had a lengthy piece by Kenny Suleimangich about the company’s demise, as well, with this great explanation for the battle between the chemical and electronic sides within Kodak:

As obvious as the endgame was, Kodak’s leaders were faced with an unwinnable predicament: either keep investing in end-of-life products until the profits dried up — and die over the long run; or switch to stillborn product lines that produced mostly red ink in the ledgers — and die immediately.

Mark E. Johnson

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