We’re Done

It’s a little past 5 p.m. and I’ve just closed up the Photo Cave. Spring semester 2013 is essentially done.

Well, except for the grading.

And conducting exit interviews early next week.

And then I’ll start teaching a Maymester class in a little over 10 days … still, the first-semester students have pixel-peeped and clicked their way through final projects and portfolios.

So, for them, I want to point them to a few photos by Carl Weese, who we were lucky enough to have visit us in the fall. Mr. Weese is not a photojournalist so much as a documentary photographer – and he’s a damned fine one at that.

As I’ve been catching up on his galleries (which you should spend some time with, especially frames 24 and 25 in this one) and absorbing his latest set of drive-in movie theater images, I came across this simple scene from near his home in Connecticut.

And that, to me, sums up a lot of this past academic year. At first glance, there were many not-so-great moments, students I did not connect with, leaving potential unrealized. But with a closer look, I am starting to see the structure, starting to see the little gestures and movements that I missed.

I’ve seen the barn all along, but I think I’ve been missing the duck.

Mark E. Johnson

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