McCullin on Seeing

One graf, just one graf in this Guardian piece by Don McCullin and all I want to do is go shoot again:

But seeing – really seeing – has nothing to do with photography. And it rewards you with pleasure. I love looking at the sky. I love looking at detail. I think anybody with an intelligent mind can look at something through their own eyes and assess its value. You can feast your eyes on a daily basis, although I suspect the average man on the street goes through life with narrowed vision, not seeing the whole scope of what’s going on around him.

How many of us, camera in hand, still live life with narrowed vision? How many students tell me they can’t find anything interesting to photograph?

My wife doesn’t believe in writer’s block. It’s just an excuse. If you write, write. If you can see, then Go See.

(Thanks to the ever-seeing Greg Mironchuk for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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