Gear Lust

Okay, everyone else may be salivating over the upcoming Nikon D4 or D800, or perhaps it’s the Canon EOS 1D X that has your blood pressure rising. And that’s all fine – if either Canon or Nikon would like to send me one, I’d be more than happy to push its pixels around.

But the message in my email box that got me excited today came from … Olympus.

Fourteen months ago my wife gave me an Oly E-P2 and I have carried it with me every day since then, shooting and posting on my personal site. Today, they announced the OM-D E-M5 and, if I thought the Mrs. wasn’t reading this, I’d go ahead and preorder one right now.

I love the size of my E-P2 and I use the electronic view finder constantly, but as an accessory that slips into the hot shoe, it occasionally feels a little vulnerable. The OM-D has it built in. I don’t care too much about the larger resolution (16 MP versus 12 MP), but faster AF and a better viewfinder would be awfully sweet.

I wish my Olympus guy was still with Olympus so I could get one to try out …

Olympus e m5 black 550

Mark E. Johnson

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