Study Photojournalism in Berlin

I’ve had a few students do this program before and all have come back with glowing reports. Yeah, for you UGA students, having it run through the University of Florida may seem like a problem, but the guy leading this – John Freeman – is a stand-up guy and probably won’t mention football.

The three credit hour course runs for two weeks at the end of May in Berlin, Germany. (As opposed to, say, Berlin, Vermont, which is pronounced differently.) The credits should transfer easily almost anywhere, though check with your advisor first.

This has to be one of the cheapest study abroad programs out there – $1,907 gets you the instruction AND lodging for 13 nights, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. You have to cover your airfare and most of your meals, but still – that’s cheaper than your average two week German vacation.

Mark E. Johnson

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