America in Environmental Crisis

In the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency dispatched photographers across the country to document environmental issues and every day life. The DOCUMERICA project produced more than 80,000 image and The Atlantic’s In Focus photo blog has a selection of 46 of them.

I’d never heard of this project, now I want to see more … and maybe do a summer class on something like this … hmmm …

D17 A 555850
A train on the Southern Pacific Railroad passes a five-acre pond, which was used as a dump site by area commercial firms, near Ogden, Utah, in April of 1974. The acid water, oil, acid clay sludge, dead animals, junked cars and other dump debris were cleaned up by several governmental groups under the supervision of the EPA. Some 1,200,000 gallons of liquid were pumped from the site, neutralized and taken to a disposal site. (Bruce McAllister/NARA)

And you could have a lot of fun playing Punch Buggy with photo 32

Mark E. Johnson

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