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I tend not to get involved with these things, but this may be useful for some students … (proving, again, that all the good domain names are taken) is running a MacAttack Deal of the Day – all day long, they’re featuring refurbed Macs of various vintages at pretty good prices.

A few things to note … some of the machines that have come up so far have been three or more model years back. Small hard drives and slow-ish processors, though those that I’ve seen have been mostly upgradeable. Also read the what’s included and what’s not included carefully – all of them that I have seen so far have NOT included the operating system, so you’ll need to shell out $100 or so to get that (and some more cash if you want the iLife suite).

You can grab the model number and look it up on Apple’s web site to get a better sense of when the machine was out there.

If you have a powerfully desktop and want a decent laptop, this may be a good route to go. Or if you want to buy your young kids or older parents a machine. Or if you just want to up the Apple count in your house …

(Thanks to Mir over at for the lead on this.) (Yes, that’s my wife and, yes, the link above is an affiliate link for her – you’ve been warned in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations.)

Mark E. Johnson

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