Live Chat with NPPA President Sean Elliot

Sunday night, time to talk … we’ll be having a live chat with Sean Elliot, the current president of the National Press Photographers Association for student members here at 9 p.m. You can join in below as we talk about the organization, its mission and what it offers to students who are passionate about visual storytelling.

Elliot is the Chief Photographer at The Day in New London, Conn., where he’s worked nearly since graduating from Boston University some 20 years ago. His service to the NPPA has included stints as regional director, secretary and vice president – he’s about as committed to this group as one can get.

For those wishing to join in, you’ll be able to post questions at the bottom of the window. Please use your name followed by what school you’re at. So, for me, it would be, “Mark E. Johnson, UGA” – that will give us an idea of who people are. All queries will go into moderation this time around and the best ones will be posted for the president to respond to.

If you can’t be here at 9, no problem – the conversation will be archived for later review.


Mark E. Johnson

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