Football Workshop

We’re in the process of launching a sports journalism initiative within UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. We’re hiring a couple of folks to teach, research and think about sports, so to get ready, we decided to try out this silly idea my colleague Prof. Jim Biddle and I came up with last spring – let’s take a bunch of reporters, photojournalists and video journalists out to a high school game and see what they make of it.

If this goes further, we might make it into a sports magazine web site, complete with written stories, video packages and still photos. To try it out, Friday night we took 19 students to a local game. Here’s what they looked like …

Prof. Welch Suggs preps some of the students for reporting and writing about the game. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

Gabriella Baetti works the sidelines prior to kickoff. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

Ashlee Culverhouse documents the team as they touch their good-luck charm. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

Michael Barone gets down low as the team takes the field. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

Ben Bolton rolls tape prior to the start of the game. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

Kathryn Ingall, Andrea Briscoe, Sarah Osbourne, Ashlee Culverhouse, Allison Love and Michael Barone (hidden) work the sidelines and their "available darkness" skills. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)

And just to prove I can still do this ... a touchdown reception for Cedar Shoals High School. (Photo/Mark E. Johnson)


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  1. Since shooting sports is one of the hardest ways for a photographer to make money, why not offer a business class or two? At least teach them not to shoot on spec and how to say no.

    • Mark E. Johnson,

      While we don’t have a separate class on business practices, we do talk about it a lot more than we used to in each of the photojournalism courses. Would be great to get a journalism business practices class in here, though, that’s for sure.

  2. Selena haler,

    I’m very excited for this awesome Grady news! I would have loved to do some sports journalism during my time at Grady. I wish the best of luck to all of you!

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