The Apocalypse is Nigh

For years, I joked that the job I really wanted was Photo Editor at the Wall Street Journal because, well … they didn’t run photos. I envisioned walking into the daily budget meeting and the editors going around the table talking about their pitches for A1 and, when they got to me, I could just say, “Not yet.”

Well, now the run photos. A lot of them. And they have one of the best photo blogs out there in Photo Journal. But, well … they led the last edition with a photo of a squirrel.

Yep, the bane of any photojournalism professor’s existence, the shot that every desperate PJ student turns in at least once, wound up as the lede photo in the Wall Street Journal.

Heaven help us …


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  1. Meghan,

    To be fair, that photo has news value! There’s fire and diffused light, and there’s a moment, just look at the fear in the eyes of the little guy.

  2. Barry Hollander,

    Next up, cute chipmunks.

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