“A Great Shot Is …”

110810 lensThe New York Times’ Lens blog has a short interview up with Finnish photojournalist Jussi Leinonen where he talks about a photo that helped him become Finland’s Press Photographer of the Year in 2008. Loved this quote:

A great shot is always there to be had, but you can’t get tired of searching for it. I had already sort of given up because I was in a hurry. This picture, for me, is a constant reminder about not letting go; always trying one more time. I’ve been keeping that in mind. That’s what keeps it interesting.

I’ve been reading a lot about innovation this summer (which, oddly, most of the books say you shouldn’t do … except for the one you’re reading now) and a recurring theme is persistence. Accepting that not all ideas will work, but you don’t know until you try it.

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