Covering Holi and Protecting Gear

I’ve seen photos from the Holi festival in India several times before, but had no idea they celebrate it in … Utah? Yeah, Utah.

Retuers’ Jim Urguhart covered the event earlier this month and posted on the company’s blog about his experiences there.

110426 opTechBuried in there is a graf or two about prepping his gear and made mention of something I’d never heard of – low-cost, disposable camera covers from Op/Tech.

Whoa … what a great idea. How had I never heard of these before? I’ve seen lots of high-end ones, but given the number of times you may need them have resisted buying them. (I do have a very old camera raincoat I bought 15 years ago that has held up wonderfully, but it’s designed for a 300 mm f/2.8 lens … not a great design for shorter lenses.)

I think I need to order up some of those to keep in the kit.

Mark E. Johnson

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