NPPA Advanced Storytelling Workshop

Texas in April, what could be better? Honestly, I have no idea having only been there, or through there, in August 20-odd years ago. (I will be there in March, though.)

Regardless … the NPPA’s Advanced Storytelling Workshop will be April 10-15 at Texas State University in San Marcos.

From their site:

Lots of people take pretty pictures; we will teach you to craft them into memorable stories. This exciting week-long program is designed for experienced TV and newspaper photojournalist, reporters, and video journalist (VJs) – anyone who tells stories with moving pictures, sound and words. We pick up where the Oklahoma NewsVideo Workshops leaves off. We have broadened our scope to include journalist working for newspapers and one-man-bands. Several of our faculty were working solo and winning Photographer of the Year awards long before anyone used the term VJ.

Everyone is a participant. Working solo or in teams, you will develop story ideas, research, report, shoot, edit and produce complete packages under real world deadlines. Critiques and one-on-one sessions abound.

Mark E. Johnson

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