Tickets for The Flash Bus Go On Sale Monday

flashbus_small.pngGet your credit card out, January 31, Monday morning, tickets go on sale for the David Hobby and Joe McNally national tour. If you don’t want to be a hack who says that they only shoot with available light when we all know it’s because you’re afraid of light, then you need to get yourself to this.

I will admit I have a significant fear that this is going to sell out very quickly. The Atlanta stop is Saturday, April 2, and I’ve already told my family I’m going. If I don’t get a ticket, I’ll sit in the hall with my iPad and WiFi modem, listening to the wisdom through the walls and looking at their work online.

Yeah, it’s that worth it.

Tickets are $100 for the day and, according to the rumors, the gift bag you’ll get is worth more than that.

Don’t be left in the dark.

Mark E. Johnson

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