Multimedia Immersion Workshop in May

While they haven’t opened registration yet, they have announced the dates for the 2011 Multimedia Immersion workshop in Syracuse, N.Y. – May 17-22. Get it on your calendar, this is one of the best out there.

From the site …

What You Will Learn:

  • Effectively planning and developing your story to save time on your workflow and increase the quality of your pieces
  • Professional audio recording techniques in the field from audio documentary experts
  • Hands-on explanations and experiences on how to use audio, video and photo gear — along with recommendations on gear
  • Training on how to shoot visuals for multimedia storytelling including techniques for documentaries and working as a one-man-band or mobile journalist
  • Hands-on video production editing training and experience on Final Cut Pro, how to integrate music into your multimedia work, and ethics and legal issues
  • How to navigate modern freelance and business issues when working in multimedia
  • Inspiring information on how the most cutting edge multimedia projects were created from the industry leaders that worked on them
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