The Kalish Workshop Reorganizes

After taking a year off to rethink and retool, the Kalish Workshop is back as a version 3.0. This news release came over the wires this morning:

Jan. 10, 2011


There are jobs out there for multi-media producers. There are jobs out there for visual editors who have creative ways of curating, quality, User Generated Visuals. There are jobs out there for visual editors who can communicate across all platforms; mobile, tablet, web and print. And today’s reality is that many visual editors are working with freelancers.

There are career paths out there for those editors who excel in these areas and Kalish 3.0 is designed to address these new opportunities in visual storytelling. For over 20 years we’ve been training editors, producers, photojournalists, professors and students in visual editing. There are nearly 1,000 Kalish alums working in the industry today. Past faculty has included both Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winning editors, including Brian Storm, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Kenny Irby, Randy Cox, Scott Sines, and John Rumbach. Other experts in visual storytelling will join us over the course of the four day workshop.

All the values of The Kalish remain: leadership, managing by example, and the ethical treatment of people and images. Those themes are the framework for four days of intense, exhausting discussions about visual storytelling. Establishing narrative, selecting the media mix, editing to the narrative, and producing the story are in our curriculum. We combine a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, critiques and group discussions to create a more complete learning experience.

Most exciting is that Kalish 3.0 marks the workshops’ transformation to a digital first focus. Most traditional print sessions have either been replaced with digital discussions, or modified in a cross-platform context. New in Kalish 3.0 are sessions in User Generated Visuals with discussions about recruiting the visual talents in your community, strategies for raising the level of contributed work and integrating community members as a part of your organizations’ news coverage strategies. Many visual editors are now working with freelancers and community members so we’re retooling our ethics session appropriately.

Ball State University hosts the workshop and offers state of the art computer labs for the hands-on exercises. The registration fee for the four day workshop is $650 and there is affordable lodging nearby. For more information see our website at or contact Scott Sines, Associate Editor/digital at The Commercial Appeal, 901.529.5843.

The Kalish has been on my wish list for years. It may be time to go harass my boss …

Mark E. Johnson

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