Digital Literacy and a Resource Page

Over the weekend, a new tab popped up along that nav bar–Resources. I’ll put links in there to teaching materials from my classes.

The first thing in there is a public link to the Digital Literacy videos I created over the summer. These 13 video modules are being used in several of our courses to help students learn new(ish) technologies for use in journalism. They cover some very basic concepts (how to use a Mac, how the web and email work) to more complex things (audio recording and editing, video recording and editing). In our undergraduate editing class, students are watching the videos as part of their homework (they range in length from 13 to 33 minutes) and then come into lab to practice what they’ve learned.

The videos–which use screen captures for software and live video for hardware and technique training–were funded through a grant from the James Cox Institute for Newspaper Management Studies. They are now being made available for individual use.

More resources will be added as I develop them.

Mark E. Johnson

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