My New Hero

The NBC station in Chicago has a story up about Keith Davis who decided to create a newspaper and web site to cover his home town of Annawan, Illinois. Why? According to the story:

“We don’t have a paper in town, and the ones around us don’t really cover a lot of local news,” the seventh-grader said. “I had to start it so we can have that kind of news.”

Locals creating hyperlocal news coverage. Now, there are a lot of people who are doing this with a lot of varying levels of success, but Davis has been at this for three years now, so he’s persistent.

He’s also 12.

Yes, 12.

He started when he was nine.

I’ll be checking in on The Annawan Times regularly now, and so should you. Seems weekend storms caused some damage and the Purple Onion has a new front wall made from – get this – recycled street bricks.

Mark E. Johnson

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