EGADS!! Who Needs This Much Memory?

The thought of a 64 gigabyte memory card is boggling.

(Insert my story of buying 32 160 megabyte compact flash cards in 2001 at a cost of $399 – EACH – and a staffer losing one two weeks later.)

I do love the line about a 144 petabyte card taking 153 years to download, though.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. While I can see the benefits of larger capacity cards, there are serious benefits to using multiple smaller cards:

    Download time – smaller cards, shorter download times
    Simple Backup – 1 4GB card = 1 DVD
    Safety – Cards DO fail or get corrupted. They can get lost or damaged, too, especially those tiny SD cards. It can be dangerous to complete an entire shoot on a single card. If that card is damaged or fails, you lose EVERYTHING. Spread it over multiple cards, and you at least have something to show for your effort.

    If you’re shooting stills and videos on the same card, then a larger capacity card can be useful. But bigger’s not always better.

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