International Journalism Festival


It is an open invitation to listen to and network with the best of world journalism. The leitmotiv is one of informality and accessibility, designed to appeal to journalists, journalism students and those interested in the role of the media in society. Simultaneous translation into English and Italian is provided. The festival is open to the public free of charge.

The 2007 first edition was a modest affair, but by the 2009 third edition there were 80 different events in the 5–day programme, 220 speakers, more than 260 accredited journalists and almost 300 volunteers in attendance from all over the world. Aggregate festival audiences plus visitors to the photojournalism exhibitions totalled about 30,000 despite our promotion being exclusively online and through social networks due to budget constraints. The 2010 fourth edition will be the biggest and best yet.

Perugia is a strikingly beautiful hilltop town of Etruscan origin. It is the regional capital of Umbria, one of the finest parts of Italy. The festival venues are all historic buildings located in the pedestrianised town centre. So how about a spring break in Perugia to enjoy great food, architecture, landscape and journalism? Where else can you tuck into your spaghetti al tartufo nero with Seymour Hersh or Carl Bernstein sitting at the adjoining table?

Please encourage your students to visit our website and our social networks, or to contact us. If you wish, write about us in your newsletters or websites.
Volunteers from all over the world are coming to experience this amazing event and incredible learning experience, with distinguished speakers and aspiring journalists from all over the world.

Mark E. Johnson

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