The Early 1940s … In Color

This is a small, but very cool, collection of Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information photos from the early 1940s – in color. Look at the way the light works in so many of these … just, wow.


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  1. Thanks for posting these – beautiful collection! The power of film to stamp its own color on the world.

  2. Cindy,

    Do you think these photos were recently edited in any way? I trust your expert opinion. I want to believe these are straight out of the camera, but I’m jaded.

  3. markejohnson,

    I don’t think they were digitally manipulated if that’s what you mean (aside from cleaning up dust and scratches, I presume). They are all posed and almost all lit – lit very well, in fact, as was the custom of the time. These were probably Kodachrome transparencies, which would have had an ISO of about 8 when these were taken.

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