The Red & Black Weekly News Update

The student paper here at UGA, The Red & Black, has started doing a weekly news update – a short video highlighting what’s coming up in the week’s paper. Each one has gotten a little smoother, a little more polished. They’ve played with the format a couple of times and the newest iteration came out this week with a walk-around-the-newsroom idea.

Does it work? 


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  1. Anonymous,

    First and foremost…..

    Why are they infringing on AC/DC’s “Back in Black”?? Isn’t that copyrighted? Last i checked, “fair use” didn’t cover that.


    Production value. Mic your subject and use a light. It sounds bad (i cant hear the subject) and it looks very flat. White balance that thing.

    Tighter edit. I won’t even sit through 4 minutes of any videos i produce let alone something someone else produces. I want it simple and to the point. I’ll pick up the print product or read the article online if i want the details.

    The “spin-o-rama” in the chair. Eccch. It doesn’t work. Try some more creative shooting angles beyond cubicle central.

    As much as i hate the “ken burns effect,” it becomes useful when there’s no b-roll available.

    Get that down to 1:30 and improve the production quality and it will be much better. Its a good concept but it not pulled off as well as it could be done.

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