New Principal

Sean Elliot, at The Day, in New London, Conn., sent along a link to one of his first video pieces – a look at a new elementary school principal. It is simply shot – there’s nothing fancy in here – and the editing is very straightforward. The audio works well and the compositions mirror how a still shooter (which is what Elliot is/has been) would work.

It works well – here’s a woman who almost everyone in the town will come in contact with in some way, shape or form and Elliot is letting her tell her own story. It’s the modern interpretation of the community profile story, a staple of good community journalism, being translated into a multimedia piece.

Will it set the world on fire? Will it win a bunch of awards? Probably not, but it will get watched – a lot – and talked about. And, more importantly, it puts a voice to a community leader, it makes them more approachable. It connects them.

Mark E. Johnson

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