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We have Kate Marymont, editor of the Fort Myers News-Press in town for a few days. She gave a great talk on the University of Georgia campus Wednesday about Gannett’s “Information Center” concept and how her paper is applying it. With a few minutes of spare time, I headed over to the News-Press web site and found this entry on where the cops are hiding out for the day.

Hmmm … part of me likes knowing this, part of me wonders whether it’s good to tell people where NOT to speed. All legal, but … but … I don’t know …

I took a look at their videos (which do not work with my version of Apple’s Safari browser … grrr) while on the site. One of them deals with a disabled veteran who competes in Olympic-style games. Reasonably well done … but at the end, they flash a disabled veterans address, phone number and email info on the screen. Ummmm …

Spend some time exploring the site. They’re doing some neat things with “mojos” – mobile journalists who spend their days in neighborhoods, looking for stories and then posting them immediately to the web.

Mark E. Johnson

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