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Castro In Photographs

The morning brought news that Fidel Castro had died at the age of 90. A click to The New York Times brought me to this video that has some of the amazing work that Jack Manning did during a short trip to Cuba in 1964. Even if you turn the sound down (which I don’t recommend you do, as Richard Eder’s story is fascinating), the images are a text book example of how to document a person within their place and time. 

Kandahar Journals Showing in Athens

As part of our McGill Symposium on Wednesday, October 5, we will be showing Louie Palu’s documentary on his time in Afghanistan here at the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Kandahar Journals looks at his time covering the war and its effects on his psychological transformation.

Doors will open at 7:30 and we will start at 8 a.m. in Studio 100 of the Grady College building. Free parking is available in the N09 and N08 lots at the corner of Hooper Street and East Campus Drive. To enter the building, use the entrance next to the exterior stairs on the Sanford Drive side of the building.

No admission charge and Mr. Palu will do a Q&A after the showing.

Momenta Scholarships

Some substantial scholarships and awards available for upcoming Momenta Workshops, worth looking into.

GeekFest in DC

Looks like a great lineup at this year’s GeekFest in Washington, D.C. Get registered, folks.

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Envision Kindness Contest Open

LogoThe Envision Kindness Student Photography and Film Contest is now accepting entries.

This is a pretty cool idea and not just because it involves one of my good friends. The idea is to celebrate work that celebrates kindness an compassion. A good news competition, if you will.

Photoshelter’s Guide to Photo Contests

Updated for the 2016 competition season, worth plowing through as it gives you some insight into the benefits and risks of more than 30 contests worldwide.

Do You Work For Free? Why Do You Want Me To?

ViewFind Grants

I’ve posted this before, but a reminder that ViewFind is offering a $5,000 grant to support stories about race AND the’ve added a separate $5,000 grant just for students.

Application deadline is November 30 now – get to work.

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NPR Internships

Deadlines for NPR’s winter and spring internships are approaching, here’s what you need to know to apply.

Support the Kids – Help Fund the Fall Workshop

A year ago, dozens of people helped us build a new photojournalism workshop at the Georgia National Fair. That was a bit of a last minute effort as another event had fallen through, but it turned into one of the most spectacular days we’ve had here.

In fact, the event worked so well we decided to do it again. And the funding model worked so well, we’ve decided to do that again, too.

Today you can head over to theUniversity of Georgia’s Georgia Funder site and help another group of students show what the state fair means to the citizens of Georgia.

The support my kids have gotten in my decade here at Grady has been overwhelming – I am continually awed by not only the work these kids do but by how much our extended community supports them. Here’s your chance to become a part of their education.