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Do You Work For Free? Why Do You Want Me To?

ViewFind Grants

I’ve posted this before, but a reminder that ViewFind is offering a $5,000 grant to support stories about race AND the’ve added a separate $5,000 grant just for students.

Application deadline is November 30 now – get to work.

ViewFindGrantPoster Short

NPR Internships

Deadlines for NPR’s winter and spring internships are approaching, here’s what you need to know to apply.

Support the Kids – Help Fund the Fall Workshop

A year ago, dozens of people helped us build a new photojournalism workshop at the Georgia National Fair. That was a bit of a last minute effort as another event had fallen through, but it turned into one of the most spectacular days we’ve had here.

In fact, the event worked so well we decided to do it again. And the funding model worked so well, we’ve decided to do that again, too.

Today you can head over to theUniversity of Georgia’s Georgia Funder site and help another group of students show what the state fair means to the citizens of Georgia.

The support my kids have gotten in my decade here at Grady has been overwhelming – I am continually awed by not only the work these kids do but by how much our extended community supports them. Here’s your chance to become a part of their education.

Interns: To Pay or Not

A U.S. court of appeals may have finally defined what needs to happen in an internship to determine if it must be paid or not:

As long as internships are designed chiefly to further young people’s knowledge in a particular field, the court said, interns do not have to be paid.

All managers who deal with internships should pay close attention to where this goes.

Mountain Workshops Application Open

Applications for the 2015 Mountain Workshops (October 20-24 in Frankfort, Kentucky) are now being accepted.

In addition to the traditional photojournalism track, there are also opportunities to learn about picture editing, video storytelling, time-lapse photography and data visualization.

Seats Still Available at Multimedia Immersion

FYI, there are a couple of seats still open for the National Press Photographers Association’s Multimedia Immersion workshop which runs May 12-16 at Syracuse University.

From the site …

What You Will Learn:

  • Effectively planning and developing your story to save time on your workflow and increase the quality of your pieces
  • Professional audio recording techniques in the field from audio documentary experts
  • Hands-on explanations and experiences on how to use audio, video and photo gear — along with recommendations on gear
  • Training on how to shoot visuals for multimedia storytelling including techniques for documentaries and working as a one-man-band or mobile journalist
  • Hands-on video production editing training and experience on Adobe Premiere and ethics and legal issues
  • How to navigate modern freelance and business issues when working in multimedia
  • Inspiring information on how the most cutting edge multimedia projects were created from the industry leaders that worked on them

Preserving and Protecting a President’s Image

Get your DVRs ready … according to David Gonzalez at The New York Times’ Lens blog, HBO will have a documentary on the Kunhardt family’s collection of Abraham Lincoln images, reportedly 68,000 frames deep.

Scheduled for 9 p.m. tonight and, if you have an iOS device and don’t have HBO, you can get a 30 day free trial of the service from iTunes. Make sure you read the fine print on how to cancel it or you may get billed $15 at the end of the month.

More details on the “Living with Lincoln” are on the HBO site.

Stories Are Everywhere

One of my students, Rachel Eubanks, sent me an email this morning with a link to this short video about a Sixth Star Award for an Uber driver.

It’s a simple piece, not really journalism, but it was Ms. Eubanks’ comment that resonated:

Just reminded me that stories are everywhere…even in business. And no matter what, they revolve around people.

Yep, that’s true.

Scott Simon on Storytelling

Was looking for something else entirely, but I am happy to have found this …