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Illustrating the News

target=”_blank”>Great NPR piece on Maria Fabrizio and her work illustrating the news, every day.

The idea is target=”_blank”>Wordless News – graphical illustrations of the top stories of the day. These aren’t political cartoons, which is amazingly refreshing, just her attempt at creating a visual story.

(Thanks to target=”_blank”>Seth Gitner for the link.)

Why Stocks Photos Are Bad, Jazz Edition

Why should you always contract for original photography? So you don’t use a 30 year old photo of a murdered child in your ad for babysitting services at your jazz festival.


How to Market Yourself

Second in a series by Deb Pang Davis on the National Press Photographers Association’s site on branding and marketing yourself is now online.

Love that she’s starting with the core:

While strong design helps to convey credibility, trust and professionalism, spending a boat-load of money on a logo, a swanky portfolio case or a custom book won’t get you clients unless you ground your design with a clear understanding of yourself, your brand.

Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

My book budget may be taking another hit … over at Brain Pickings, Maria Popova has a write-up on a book titled 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design.

And not I want it … badly …

Arresting (App) Developments

If you haven’t seen it and you’re a fan of the Arrested Development series, you have to head over to NPR’s web site to see this insane, inside-joke app they created.

Then, head over to the Poynter Institute where Andrew Beaujon has interviewed it’s creator, Adam Cole, who says it started as a bit of a hobby project.

And for all those university kids who think their science classes aren’t very helpful, I give you this excerpt:

(Cole’s) schoolwork in biology came in handy: “My undergraduate thesis was about mussel beds, so I was very used to filling out endless spreadsheets with data.”

Journalism uses everything it can to tell a story – cameras, lenses, pens and spreadsheets.

Stopping Stock

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years so I’m thankful that Jeff Sonderman at Poynter is taking a look at the use of stock photographs on news web sites. They are misleading to the viewers, essentially visual lies – would you ever use a stock story to go along with an actual photograph?

Seems absurd, doesn’t it?

So, if your CMS or design standards require you to have a visual, how about a simple map? I can’t tell you how badly I want my local publications to use maps so I can see where something happened. Since I don’t spend all my time driving around anymore, there are lots of street names I don’t recognize – why not give me a quickie locator? It’s not hard and it adds a lot more information than a generic, stock image.

New Photo Themes

If you are using to host your photo site, life just got a little better for you as they have introduced some new themes aimed at photographers. If you’re not self-hosting, this is a good option to explore.

Designing Empty

For the graphic designers … nice piece by Craig Dennis on how to design for empty space in apps.

Reminded of a luddite friend in high school, when CDs were coming of age, who mocked me for making the switch so I could hear more silence between the songs …

New WordPress Themes for Photograhers has launched a new series of themes aimed at photographers. If you're not self-hosting your photo portfolio, this just became a better option for you.


Swing States Swinging

Very cool infographic by Mike Bostock, Shan Carter and Amanda Cox over at The New York Times that looks at how swing states have swung over the last 60 years.

Things like that make me want to be a designer …

(Thanks to colleague Janet Frick for the link.)